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Note: Contact Us form is removed because sometimes it’s not working properly and too many bots start sending spam emails every day.

First of all, you must know that this site is part of SEO Group “First SEO Paper” and you may find a similar about us page on all sites connected to this group. But each site in the group is owned by different owners with their own responsibilities to maintain and promote their sites.

Admin Email to contact for any business-related queries:

You can also contact us at but there is no need to waste your time by sending emails on both.

Before you send any email, you must read below important rules

  1. If you are selling any kind of services like the promotion of business through digital marketing or anything similar, there is no need to contact us. We are not looking for any kind of service or are interested in purchasing in the future. Your email will be sent to the spam folder directly and that’s not good for your business.
  2. Your email must mention the “site URL” where you plan for posting any article or looking for any other business-related queries. Otherwise, your email may end up in the trash without anyone reading it.
  3. It’s always better if you can mention what is your budget for the service you want from us, like posting articles, link insertions, footer or banner ads, and more.
  4. We don’t accept casinos, Betting, Gambling, Poker, adults, Dating, Drugs, or anything similar. You must not send us email or contact if looking to work in these banned niches.
  5. We divide the rest of the niches into different categories like General, CBD, and Crypto. CBD articles are allowed if it’s not involved in direct drugs and other dangerous stuff.
  6. We won’t mention any kind of tags like sponsors, also only 2 do-follow links are allowed per post. There is no need to ask for it when sending an email.
  7. Payment methods accepted are PAYPAL and PAYONEER only.
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