Best Tips for Memorizing the Quran Easily

Memorizing the Quran Easily

Reading this blog will make you able to memorize the Holy Quran very easily. There are certain tips for you to mark and make your learning convenient. Most Muslims worldwide want to learn the Quran by heart, but when they memorize 114 surahs, they give up and step backward. But we bring you such easy and simple learning techniques by which you can continue your learning efficiently and effortlessly. 

Memorizing the Holy Quran brings the greatest blessing of Allah SWT. He SWT announces a special reward for those who recite and memorize the Holy Quran. Hazrat Mohammad SAW also applauded Muslims who have hoarded the Quran in their heart in the Hadith with these words: A person who recites the Quran and has memorized it will be with noble scribes (Angels/Prophets, in Jannah)” (Sahih Bukhari, Hadith: 4937). Furthermore, not only those who memorize the Quran but Allah will also reward those in paternal or maternal relations with them. 

Briefly, there are countless benefits of learning the Quran, which can make you willing to memorize. However, if you also have the same fear in mind about how to memorize it, then we are here to create easement in your way of memorizing the Quran. 

Tips for memorizing the Quran

Though there are hundreds of tips, we discuss the most applicable that could prove helpful for you.

Pure intention 

Memorizing Quran needs your pure determination, devotion and persistent toil to achieve your feat. As you know, to accomplish our favorite goal, we must be steady and provide our untiring struggle, and there is nothing more important than memorizing the Holy Quran.

The most important tip in learning Quran by heart is your pure intention. If your intention is not firm and there is something unsure in the future that you might give up, then don’t practice it. 

Set proper plan

Completing the most difficult task is the result of proper planning. You can achieve any goal by proper planning and time management. For learning the Quran by heart, you should plan properly and genuinely. Hours that you intend to spend practicing memorizing are part of that planning. Deal with your daily activities accordingly, so your daily routine and learning go parallelly without any disturbance. 

Choose the best time

Memorizing Quran needs full attention. So, you should be in a quiet and serene environment while learning your lessons. The best time of studying is the morning after offering the Fajar prayer. That time mind is fresh and has the potential to get things easily. 

Recite memorized part of the Quran in prayer

The best approach of memorizing the Holy Quran is to recite it frequently. So, while saying your prayers, recite the part of the Quran that you have memorized. It will help you sharpen your memory, and you will get less time to memorize the whole 114 surahs of the Quran.

Get help from a tutor 

Memorizing the Holy Quran without any teacher is a very difficult task. To remove the obstacles of learning the Quran, you should get the services of a fine and qualified tutor. Recall in front of him what you have memorized. The tutor will find out your mistake and will guide you accordingly. With that effort, you can learn it without any mistakes. 


As you know that learning Quran by heart is a delight. If you have a firm intention to learn Quran but have a problem with your busy schedule, we offer you flexible hours to learn it online. We have the availability of native Quran teachers. They can teach you Quran and also purify your Arabic accent. To enroll yourself in the Quran learning class.

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