Best Areas for Buying Houses in Karachi

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Karachi is the largest income-producing city in Pakistan. The leading population with 20 million is engaged in different businesses, especially in real estate. People from across the country are entering the city to reside there, but they are confused about finding the best area to buy. You might be one of them to shift Karachi, but selecting the right place for spending the perfect moment of your life may be a tiring job. But here we bring you some best areas in Karachi to buy your house. 

DHA Karachi 

In the city of Karachi, the only society with top-notch facilities and modern infrastructure is DHA Karachi. The most favourable factor which makes it the best option for living is its maintenance under the Defense Housing Authority and Cantonment Clifton. 

While living in a location associated with DHA housing society Karachi, you can have easy access to many popular points and benchmarks, which make the society more significant. 

Furthermore, commercial investors can have lots of opportunities of earning massive profits in the Karachi real estate market. The city is renowned widely, and people from other cities worldwide invest in real estate in Karachi. Due to its commercial status, DHA is one of the prominent areas of Pakistan.  

The prices in DHA Karachi is in the hands nowadays. You can buy a house of 120 Sq yd is from Rs2.4 crore to Rs6.5 crore. Moreover, if you want to become the owner of a 250Sq yd house, you will have to pay Rs4.3 crore to 9.7 crores.

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Gulshan-e- Iqbal Karachi

If youu want to live a luxury and comfortable life in Karachi, Gulshan-e-Iqbal is one of the best options to buy your house there. Its immense popularity is in its closeness to many renowned points as Expo Centre, Civic Centre, Karachi’s National Stadium, and Sui Northern Gas Company headquarters. 

While living in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi, you can enjoy the real moments as there are recreational parks within the society, allowing you to spend some leisure hours there. Furthermore, Gulshan-e-Iqbal is now turning into a small city within the city.  


One of the best areas in Karachi for buying houses in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Its location is very prominent compared to other options; that is why many investors are eagerly entering Karachi to reside there. The most attractive fact of the area is its prices which are reasonable and affordable. 

Another reason you favour buying a house in Gulistan-e-Jauhar is its connectivity with wide highways like Rashid Minhas Road, Shahi Faisal and University Road. 

Furthermore, you can find here the chance to live in well-furnished and decorated apartments in the area at extremely affordable prices.

Scheme 33

It is an area located between developed and under-developed neighbourhoods. First time in Karachi, you can buy homes and apartments at extremely low prices. Furthermore, Scheme 33 is also close to some famous areas of Karachi like Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Buffer zone, and Federal B. Area.

As discussed above, you can buy homes in Karachi at very meagre prices as Scheme 33 offers you a 120 Sq yd house for just Rs4500000, and a house of 250 Sq yd is only Rs1.1 crore. 

Bahria Town Karachi 

In the real estate sector, the most inspiring name is Bahria Town. However, there are many Bahria sectors in various cities of Pakistan, but Karachi is a place that is home to the largest sector of Pakistan. All the facilities of leading a luxurious life can find it here. 

Not only buying dwellings in Bahria Town is beneficial for you but also living here provides you with the best investment opportunities in commercial activities. 


Buying houses anywhere are steps toward advancement. However, buying houses in Karachi will prove very beneficial in the present and future.  Furthermore, to provide you with the best residential services in almost every city of Pakistan, ‘Sigma Properties’ is a leading real estate company.  

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Best Areas for Buying Houses in Karachi

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